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You don’t have to be a wine expert to find and enjoy high quality bottles of wine. Every month, the Qorcho team puts together a list of four bottles that they love. The team member that picked that bottle will write a description on why they love it, and why it deserves to be a Qorcho Pick. After that, they’ll put some notes to help you determine if you might just love the bottle too.

Qorcho doesn’t just recommend Qorcho Picks to beginners. We also encourage our already wine-savvy customers to peruse the selection. You might just find that one bottle you’ve been missing.


From the Romans, the Renaissance and now to your table. Chianti (“kee-an-tee”) from Tuscany, Italy, is made primarily with Sangiovese grapes.

Imagine all the aromas of an Italian open market. The spices, balsamic vinegar, salami, prosciutto and pizza. This wine smells and tastes like Italy.

A light to medium dry red with savory flavors. Because of its acidity it is an incredible wine with food. Enjoy it with pizza, pasta and rich meat dishes.

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ILAURI: Nora - 2020 Chardonnay

Pleasure in a glass. A single vineyard unoaked Chardonnay from Abruzzo, Italy. A sustainable winery who prides itself in its artisan identity.

An enticing bouquet of ripe apple, lemon and tropical fruit renders all type of seafood a natural paring for this wine. It also makes a great aperitif wine to sip on a warm summer’s night.

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BOSCO: 2020 Cerasuolo

Since 1897, Italy’s serious rosé. A delicious wine in its own right. Made from the Cerasuolo grape in Abruzzo, Italy, this is not your typical picnic rosé.

A dry, dense and intense wine with flavors of strawberry, plum, raspberry, pepper and saline hints that all neatly fall into place.

Impressively balanced, this is a fantastic example of what Italy can achieve in its pink quise.

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BODEGAS LAN: 2014 D-12 Crianza DOC

Great news for those who love a glass of wine with their meal, this Rioja Tempranillo (96%) is easy to pair and a great value wine. Ideal also for drinking by the glass.

Due to its savory characteristics, low acidity and medium tannins, this red Tempranillo is a crowd pleaser.

Serve between 63 and 68°F. Pop this bottle in the fridge for a while to cool and take out an hour before serving. Enjoy it with appetizers, charcuterie boards, vegan delights, fresh salads, pasta and rice dishes.

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