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Types of Wine

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Wines are beloved in many countries of the world. With over 7000 vineyards globally as of 2018, wines are the go-to drink of choice for gatherings, events, get-togethers, and simply relaxing at home.

Though many countries have vineyards, 5 countries represent 50% of the world’s vineyards. These countries are; Spain, China, France, Italy, and Turkey, with the United States consuming the most wine at 33 million hector liters as of 2020.

Types of wine

Though wines are everywhere, there are different types of wine, from the very popular red and white wine to others. These include;

  • Red wine

Red wine is the most popular type of wine known for its richness and depth. It also ranges from a deep red to light red color. Red wine also comes in varying levels of sweetness, while some are dry and some are very sweet.

  • White wine

Unlike red wines made from black grapes with the skin included to give it a depth of taste, white wine is made from green grapes without the skin and ends up with a lighter, fruity, creamy, and sweet taste.

  • Rose wine

Rose wine, on the other hand, is made from black grapes but without the skin. It can also be made by mixing red and white wine. Its taste varies from dry to sweet.

  • Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine has gained popularity due to its bubbles during the second fermentation. Sparkling wine can be red wine, white wine, or rose wine.

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