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How to Pair Wines

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If you are hosting an event, a small get-together, or simply choosing to enjoy your lovely bottle of wine in the comfort of your home with a meal or a snack, chances are you want to understand how to pair your wine with your meal.

Wine pairings explain how different types of wine are balanced with types of food to complement or create a balance in taste. To do this, you should understand the basic flavors and which wines they are paired with for the best results.

These flavors are;

  • Acid
  • Fat
  • Salt
  • Sweetness
  • Bitterness


  • Acidic food:

Wine pairings for acidic foods should have a higher acidity than the meal, or the wine will taste flat. For acidic meals, white wine or sparkling wine like champagne is best.

  • Fatty food:

Foods made with lots of butter or other fatty foods are best paired with acids as they balance each other well. You can pair fatty foods with white wine to get a great balance and taste.

  • Salty food:

Since sweet dishes complement salty dishes, salty foods go well with sweet wine as they balance each other perfectly.

  • Sweet food:

Sweet and spicy foods and wine complement each other as well as acid and fatty food. Pairing sweet foods with sweet wines, mostly white wines, gives it the best taste.

  • Bitter food:

For bitter food, pairing with something darker and bitter only cause these meals to taste bitter. It is, therefore, better to pair these foods with sweet wines like white wine to provide a balance.

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